Everything has changed. For some people it’s been a bad change, for some a good one and someone is still trying to understand. For me it’s a consistent rollercoaster. I’m happy, I’m sad, I know what I want, I think I’m doing the wrong thing. At 23 you’re not supposed to know everything but this year helped me to know a little bit more about me, about love and life. I found love,F.D ( i love u ) the brightest thing in my life right now. Alway supporting me and always there for me, in bad and good. I missed waking up in the morning with a cup of tea ready for me and it’s a small thing but it makes me smile. I also had the opportunity to follow my dream, it took me a while but sometimes you just need to take your time and do it so I am acting now, I will start an academy soon and this my proudest thing in the world. I am sorry for all the people who suffered and for those who still are. I am sad because I would love to have my family closer to me, to show them the sunset at primrose hill, walk down brick lane and meet the amazing people who lives in London. I am happy because they are all good. But at the end.. Are we all good?I guess we’ll never know!

Love, Bec.