Moving to England as young as 18 years old, life seemed to be full of potentials, fun and exciting - but when you look back in 10 years time and you realise that you have not fulfilled all your goals you set out for yourself, you haven't become the person you wanted to be, you start to wonder - was it a worthwhile decision to stay for this long? Away from your family and friends? While your childhood friends, back in your hometown are married, raising kids and gardening in their free time makes you squeamish, deep down you compare yourself to them - this is the family standard you have seen normal while growing up, you feel like a failure compared to them as you approach the end of your 20's... Loosing yourself and your goals in sight is an inevitable stage in one's life. Building your foundation from the rubbles is challenging, but it has to be worthwhile for your future self - when all hope's lost you need to find strength in Yourself, noone else. Because who else with you 24/7?